openEO Python Client

Welcome to the documentation of openeo, the official Python client library for interacting with openEO back-ends to process remote sensing and Earth observation data. It provides a Pythonic interface for the openEO API, supporting data/process discovery, process graph building, batch job management and much more.

Usage example

A simple example, to give a feel of using this library:

import openeo

# Connect to openEO back-end.
connection = openeo.connect("").authenticate_oidc()

# Load data cube from TERRASCOPE_S2_NDVI_V2 collection.
cube = connection.load_collection(
    spatial_extent={"west": 5.05, "south": 51.21, "east": 5.1, "north": 51.23},
    temporal_extent=["2022-05-01", "2022-05-30"],
# Rescale digital number to physical values and take temporal maximum.
cube = cube.apply(lambda x: 0.004 * x - 0.08).max_time()"ndvi-max.tiff")

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