All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.






[0.29.0] - 2024-05-03


  • Start depending on pystac, initially for better load_stac support (#133, #527)


  • OIDC device code flow: hide progress bar on completed (or timed out) authentication

[0.28.0] - 2024-03-18


  • Introduced superclass CubeMetadata for CollectionMetadata for essential metadata handling (just dimensions for now) without collection-specific STAC metadata parsing. (#464)

  • Added VectorCube.vector_to_raster() (#550)


  • Changed default chunk_size of various download functions from None to 10MB. This improves the handling of large downloads and reduces memory usage. (#528)

  • Connection.execute() and DataCube.execute() now have a auto_decode argument. If set to True (default) the response will be decoded as a JSON and throw an exception if this fails, if set to False the raw requests.Response object will be returned. (#499)


  • Preserve geo-referenced x and y coordinates in execute_local_udf (#549)

[0.27.0] - 2024-01-12


  • Add DataCube.filter_labels()


  • Update autogenerated functions/methods in openeo.processes to definitions from openeo-processes project version 2.0.0-rc1. This removes create_raster_cube, fit_class_random_forest, fit_regr_random_forest and save_ml_model. Although removed from openeo-processes 2.0.0-rc1, support for load_result, predict_random_forest and load_ml_model is preserved but deprecated. (#424)

  • Show more informative error message on 403 Forbidden errors from CDSE firewall (#512)

  • Handle API error responses more strict and avoid hiding possibly important information in JSON-formatted but non-compliant error responses.


  • Fix band name support in when no metadata is available (#515)

  • Support optional child callbacks in generated openeo.processes, e.g. merge_cubes (#522)

  • Fix broken pre-flight validation in Connection.save_user_defined_process (#526)

[0.26.0] - 2023-11-27 - “SRR6” release


  • Support new UDF signature: def apply_datacube(cube: DataArray, context: dict) -> DataArray (#310)

  • Add collection_property() helper to easily build collection metadata property filters for Connection.load_collection() (#331)

  • Add DataCube.apply_polygon() (standardized version of experimental chunk_polygon) (#424)

  • Various improvements to band mapping with the Awesome Spectral Indices feature. Allow explicitly specifying the satellite platform for band name mapping (e.g. “Sentinel2” or “LANDSAT8”) if cube metadata lacks info. Follow the official band mapping from Awesome Spectral Indices better. Allow manually specifying the desired band mapping. (#485, #501)

  • Also attempt to automatically refresh OIDC access token on a 401 TokenInvalid response (in addition to 403 TokenInvalid) (#508)

  • Add Parameter.object() factory for object type parameters


  • Remove custom spectral indices “NDGI”, “NDMI” and “S2WI” from “extra-indices-dict.json” that were shadowing the official definitions from Awesome Spectral Indices (#501)


  • Initial support for “spectral indices” that use constants defined by Awesome Spectral Indices (#501)

[0.25.0] - 2023-11-02


  • Introduce OpenEoApiPlainError for API error responses that are not well-formed for better distinction with properly formed API error responses (OpenEoApiError). (#491).


  • Fix missing validate support in LocalConnection.execute (#493)

[0.24.0] - 2023-10-27


  • Add DataCube.reduce_spatial()

  • Added option (enabled by default) to automatically validate a process graph before execution. Validation issues just trigger warnings for now. (#404)

  • Added “Sentinel1” band mapping support to “Awesome Spectral Indices” wrapper (#484)

  • Run tests in GitHub Actions against Python 3.12 as well


  • Enforce XarrayDataCube dimension order in execute_local_udf() to (t, bands, y, x) to improve UDF interoperability with existing back-end implementations.

[0.23.0] - 2023-10-02


  • Support year/month shorthand date notations in temporal extent arguments of Connection.load_collection, DataCube.filter_temporal and related (#421)

  • Support parameterized bands in load_collection (#471)

  • Allow specifying item schema in Parameter.array()

  • Support “subtype” and “format” schema options in Parameter.string()


  • Before doing user-defined process (UDP) listing/creation: verify that back-end supports that (through openEO capabilities document) to improve error message.

  • Skip metadata-based normalization/validation and stop showing unhelpful warnings/errors like “No cube:dimensions metadata” or “Invalid dimension” when no metadata is available client-side anyway (e.g. when using datacube_from_process, parameterized cube building, …). (#442)


  • Bumped minimal supported Python version to 3.7 (#460)


  • Support handling of “callback” parameters in openeo.processes callables (#470)

[0.22.0] - 2023-08-09


  • Processes that take a CRS as argument now try harder to normalize your input to a CRS representation that aligns with the openEO API (using pyproj library when available) (#259)

  • Initial load_geojson support with Connection.load_geojson() (#424)

  • Initial load_url (for vector cubes) support with Connection.load_url() (#424)

  • Add VectorCube.apply_dimension() (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#197)

  • Support lambda based property filtering in Connection.load_stac() (#425)

  • VectorCube: initial support for filter_bands, filter_bbox, filter_labels and filter_vector (#459)


  • Connection based requests: always use finite timeouts by default (20 minutes in general, 30 minutes for synchronous execute requests) (#454)


  • Fix: MultibackendJobManager should stop when finished, also when job finishes with error (#452)

[0.21.1] - 2023-07-19


  • Fix spatial_extent/temporal_extent handling in “localprocessing” load_stac (#451)

[0.21.0] - 2023-07-19


  • Add support in and VectorCube.execute_batch() to guess output format from extension of a given filename (#401, #449)

  • Added load_stac for Client Side Processing, based on the openeo-processes-dask implementation


  • Updated docs for Client Side Processing with load_stac examples, available at


  • Avoid double save_result nodes when combining VectorCube.save_result() and .download(). (#401, #448)

[0.20.0] - 2023-06-30


  • Added automatically renewal of access tokens with OIDC client credentials grant (Connection.authenticate_oidc_client_credentials) (#436)


  • Simplified BatchJob methods start(), stop(), describe(), … Legacy aliases start_job(), describe_job(), … are still available and don’t trigger a deprecation warning for now. (#280)

  • Update openeo.extra.spectral_indices to Awesome Spectral Indices v0.4.0

[0.19.0] - 2023-06-16


  • Generalized support for setting (default) OIDC provider id through env var OPENEO_AUTH_PROVIDER_ID #419

  • Added OidcDeviceCodePollTimeout: specific exception for OIDC device code flow poll timeouts

  • On-demand preview: Added DataCube.preview() to generate a XYZ service with the process graph and display a map widget


  • Fix format option conflict between save_result and create_job #433

  • Ensure that OIDC device code link opens in a new tab/window #443

[0.18.0] - 2023-05-31


  • Support OIDC client credentials grant from a generic connection.authenticate_oidc() call through environment variables #419


  • Fixed UDP parameter conversion issue in build_process_dict when using parameter in context of run_udf #431

[0.17.0] and [0.17.1] - 2023-05-16


  • Connection.authenticate_oidc(): add argument max_poll_time to set maximum device code flow poll time

  • Show progress bar while waiting for OIDC authentication with device code flow, including special mode for in Jupyter notebooks. (#237)

  • Basic support for load_stac process with Connection.load_stac() (#425)

  • Add DataCube.aggregate_spatial_window()


  • Include “scope” parameter in OIDC token request with client credentials grant.

  • Support fractional seconds in Rfc3339.parse_datetime (#418)

[0.16.0] - 2023-04-17 - “SRR5” release


  • Full support for user-uploaded files (/files endpoints) (#377)

  • Initial, experimental “local processing” feature to use openEO Python Client Library functionality on local GeoTIFF/NetCDF files and also do the processing locally using the openeo_processes_dask package (#338)

  • Add BatchJob.get_results_metadata_url().


  • Connection.list_files() returns a list of UserFile objects instead of a list of metadata dictionaries. Use UserFile.metadata to get the original dictionary. (#377)

  • DataCube.aggregate_spatial() returns a VectorCube now, instead of a DataCube (#386). The (experimental) fit_class_random_forest() and fit_regr_random_forest() methods moved accordingly to the VectorCube class.

  • Improved documentation on openeo.processes and ProcessBuilder (#390).

  • DataCube.create_job() and Connection.create_job() now require keyword arguments for all but the first argument for clarity. (#412).

  • Pass minimum log level to backend when retrieving batch job and secondary service logs. (Open-EO/openeo-api#485, Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#170)


  • Dropped support for pre-1.0.0 versions of the openEO API (#134):

    • Remove ImageCollectionClient and related helpers (now unused leftovers from version 0.4.0 and earlier). (Also #100)

    • Drop support for pre-1.0.0 job result metadata

    • Require at least version 1.0.0 of the openEO API for a back-end in Connection and all its methods.


  • Reinstated old behavior of authentication related user files (e.g. refresh token store) on Windows: when PrivateJsonFile may be readable by others, just log a message instead of raising PermissionError (387)

  • VectorCube.create_job() and MlModel.create_job() are properly aligned with DataCube.create_job() regarding setting job title, description, etc. (#412).

  • More robust handling of billing currency/plans in capabilities (#414)

  • Avoid blindly adding a save_result node from DataCube.execute_batch() when there is already one (#401)

[0.15.0] - 2023-03-03


  • The openeo Python client library can now also be installed with conda (conda-forge channel) (#176)

  • Allow using a custom requests.Session in logic


  • Less verbose log printing on failed batch job #332

  • Improve (UTC) timezone handling in openeo.util.Rfc3339 and add

[0.14.1] - 2023-02-06


  • Fine-tuned XarrayDataCube tests for conda building and packaging (#176)

[0.14.0] - 2023-02-01


  • Jupyter integration: show process graph visualization of DataCube objects instead of generic repr. (#336)

  • Add Connection.vectorcube_from_paths() to load a vector cube from files (on back-end) or URLs with load_uploaded_files process.

  • Python 3.10 and 3.11 are now officially supported (test run now also for 3.10 and 3.11 in GitHub Actions, #346)

  • Support for simplified OIDC device code flow, (#335)

  • Added MultiBackendJobManager, based on implementation from openeo-classification project (#361)

  • Added resilience to MultiBackendJobManager for backend failures (#365)


  • execute_batch also skips temporal 502 Bad Gateway errors. #352


  • Fixed/improved math operator/process support for DataCubes in “apply” mode (non-“band math”), allowing expressions like 10 * cube.log10() and ~(cube == 0) (#123)

  • Support PrivateJsonFile permissions properly on Windows, using oschmod library. (#198)

  • Fixed some broken unit tests on Windows related to path (separator) handling. (#350)

[0.13.0] - 2022-10-10 - “UDF UX” release


  • Add max_cloud_cover argument to load_collection() to simplify setting maximum cloud cover (property eo:cloud_cover) (#328)


  • Improve default dimension metadata of a datacube created with

  • only automatically add save_result node when there is none yet.

  • Deprecation warnings: make sure they are shown by default and can be hidden when necessary.

  • Rework and improve openeo.UDF helper class for UDF usage (#312).

    • allow loading directly from local file or URL

    • autodetect runtime from file/URL suffix or source code

    • hide implementation details around data argument ({"from_parameter": "x"})

    • old usage patterns of openeo.UDF and DataCube.apply_dimension() still work but trigger deprecation warnings

  • Show warning when using load_collection property filters that are not defined in the collection metadata (summaries).

[0.12.1] - 2022-09-15


  • Eliminate dependency on distutils.version.LooseVersion which started to trigger deprecation warnings (#316).


  • Remove old Connection.oidc_auth_user_id_token_as_bearer workaround flag (#300)


  • Fix refresh token handling in case of OIDC token request with refresh token grant (#326)

[0.12.0] - 2022-09-09


  • Allow passing raw JSON string, JSON file path or URL to, Connection.execute() and Connection.create_job()

  • Add support for reverse math operators on DataCube in apply mode (#323)

  • Add DataCube.print_json() to simplify exporting process graphs in Jupyter or other interactive environments (#324)

  • Raise DimensionAlreadyExistsException when trying to add_dimension() a dimension with existing name (Open-EO/openeo-geopyspark-driver#205)


  • DataCube.execute_batch() now also guesses the output format from the filename, and allows using format argument next to the current out_format to align with the method. (#240)

  • Better client-side handling of merged band name metadata in DataCube.merge_cubes()


  • Remove legacy DataCube.graph and DataCube.flatten() to prevent usage patterns that cause interoperability issues (#155, #209, #324)

[0.11.0] - 2022-07-02


  • Add support for passing a PGNode/VectorCube as geometry to aggregate_spatial, mask_polygon, …

  • Add support for second order callbacks e.g. is_valid in count in reduce_dimension (#317)


  • Rename RESTJob class name to less cryptic and more user-friendly BatchJob. Original RESTJob is still available as deprecated alias. (#280)

  • Dropped default reducer (“max”) from DataCube.reduce_temporal_simple()

  • Various documentation improvements:

    • general styling, landing page and structure tweaks (#285)

    • batch job docs (#286)

    • getting started docs (#308)

    • part of UDF docs (#309)

    • added process-to-method mapping docs

  • Drop hardcoded h5netcdf engine from XarrayIO.from_netcdf_file() and XarrayIO.to_netcdf_file() (#314)

  • Changed argument name of Connection.describe_collection() from name to collection_id to be more in line with other methods/functions.


  • Fix context/condition confusion bug with count callback in DataCube.reduce_dimension() (#317)

[0.10.1] - 2022-05-18 - “LPS22” release


  • Add context parameter to DataCube.aggregate_spatial(), DataCube.apply_dimension(), DataCube.apply_neighborhood(), DataCube.apply(), DataCube.merge_cubes(). (#291)

  • Add DataCube.fit_regr_random_forest() (#293)

  • Add PGNode.update_arguments(), which combined with DataCube.result_node() allows to do advanced process graph argument tweaking/updating without using ._pg hacks.

  • JobResults.download_files(): also download (by default) the job result metadata as STAC JSON file (#184)

  • OIDC handling in Connection: try to automatically refresh access token when expired (#298)

  • Connection.create_job raises exception if response does not contain a valid job_id

  • Add openeo.udf.debug.inspect for using the openEO inspect process in a UDF (#302)

  • Add openeo.util.to_bbox_dict() to simplify building a openEO style bbox dictionary, e.g. from a list or shapely geometry (#304)


  • Removed deprecated (and non-functional) zonal_statistics method from old ImageCollectionClient API. (#144)

[0.10.0] - 2022-04-08 - “SRR3” release


  • Add support for comparison operators (<, >, <= and >=) in callback process building

  • Added Connection.describe_process() to retrieve and show a single process

  • Added DataCube.flatten_dimensions() and DataCube.unflatten_dimension (Open-EO/openeo-processes#308, Open-EO/openeo-processes#316)

  • Added VectorCube.run_udf (to avoid non-standard process_with_node(UDF(...)) usage)

  • Added DataCube.fit_class_random_forest() and Connection.load_ml_model() to train and load Machine Learning models (#279)

  • Added DataCube.predict_random_forest() to easily use reduce_dimension with a predict_random_forest reducer using a MlModel (trained with fit_class_random_forest) (#279)

  • Added DataCube.resample_cube_temporal (#284)

  • Add target_dimension argument to DataCube.aggregate_spatial (#288)

  • Add basic configuration file system to define a default back-end URL and enable auto-authentication (#264, #187)

  • Add context argument to DataCube.chunk_polygon()

  • Add Connection.version_info() to list version information about the client, the API and the back-end


  • Include openEO API error id automatically in exception message to simplify user support and post-mortem analysis.

  • Use Connection.default_timeout (when set) also on version discovery request

  • Drop ImageCollection from DataCube’s class hierarchy. This practically removes very old (pre-0.4.0) methods like date_range_filter and bbox_filter from DataCube. (#100, #278)

  • Deprecate DataCube.send_job in favor of DataCube.create_job for better consistency (internally and with other libraries) (#276)

  • Update (autogenerated) openeo.processes module to 1.2.0 release (2021-12-13) of openeo-processes

  • Update (autogenerated) openeo.processes module to draft version of 2022-03-16 (e4df8648) of openeo-processes

  • Update openeo.extra.spectral_indices to a post-0.0.6 version of Awesome Spectral Indices


  • Removed deprecated zonal_statistics method from DataCube. (#144)

  • Deprecate old-style DataCube.polygonal_mean_timeseries(), DataCube.polygonal_histogram_timeseries(), DataCube.polygonal_median_timeseries() and DataCube.polygonal_standarddeviation_timeseries()


  • Support rename_labels on temporal dimension (#274)

  • Basic support for mixing DataCube and ProcessBuilder objects/processing (#275)

[0.9.2] - 2022-01-14


  • Add experimental support for chunk_polygon process (Open-EO/openeo-processes#287)

  • Add support for spatial_extent, temporal_extent and bands to Connection.load_result()

  • Setting the environment variable OPENEO_BASEMAP_URL allows to set a new templated URL to a XYZ basemap for the Vue Components library, OPENEO_BASEMAP_ATTRIBUTION allows to set the attribution for the basemap (#260)

  • Initial support for experimental “federation:missing” flag on partial openEO Platform user job listings (Open-EO/openeo-api#419)

  • Best effort detection of mistakenly using Python builtin sum or all functions in callbacks (Forum #113)

  • Automatically print batch job logs when job doesn’t finish successfully (using execute_batch/run_synchronous/start_and_wait).

[0.9.1] - 2021-11-16


  • Add options argument to DataCube.atmospheric_correction (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#91)

  • Add atmospheric_correction_options and cloud_detection_options arguments to DataCube.ard_surface_reflectance (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#91)

  • UDP storing: add support for “returns”, “categories”, “examples” and “links” properties (#242)

  • Add openeo.extra.spectral_indices: experimental API to easily compute spectral indices (vegetation, water, urban, …) on a DataCube, using the index definitions from Awesome Spectral Indices


  • Batch job status poll loop: ignore (temporary) “service unavailable” errors (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#96)

  • Batch job status poll loop: fail when there are too many soft errors (temporary connection/availability issues)


  • Fix DataCube.ard_surface_reflectance() to use process ard_surface_reflectance instead of atmospheric_correction

[0.9.0] - 2021-10-11


  • Add command line tool openeo-auth token-clear to remove OIDC refresh token cache

  • Add support for OIDC device authorization grant without PKCE nor client secret, (#225, openeo-api#410)

  • Add DataCube.dimension_labels() (EP-4008)

  • Add Connection.load_result() (EP-4008)

  • Add proper support for child callbacks in fit_curve and predict_curve (#229)

  • ProcessBuilder: Add support for array_element(data, n) through data[n] syntax (#228)

  • ProcessBuilder: Add support for eq and neq through == and != operators (EP-4011)

  • Add DataCube.validate() for process graph validation (EP-4012 related)

  • Add Connection.as_curl() for generating curl command to evaluate a process graph or DataCube from the command line

  • Add support in to guess output format from extension of a given filename


  • Improve default handling of crs (and base/height) in filter_bbox: avoid explicitly sending null unnecessarily (#233).

  • Update documentation/examples/tests: EPSG CRS in filter_bbox should be integer code, not string (#233).

  • Raise ProcessGraphVisitException from ProcessGraphVisitor.resolve_from_node() (instead of generic ValueError)

  • DataCube.linear_scale_range is now a shortcut for DataCube.apply(lambda  x:x.x.linear_scale_range( input_min, input_max, output_min, output_max)). Instead of creating an invalid process graph that tries to invoke linear_scale_range on a datacube directly.

  • Nicer error message when back-end does not support basic auth (#247)


  • Remove unused and outdated (0.4-style) File/RESTFile classes (#115)

  • Deprecate usage of DataCube.graph property (#209)

[0.8.2] - 2021-08-24

Minor release to address version packaging issue.

[0.8.1] - 2021-08-24


  • Support nested callbacks inside array arguments, for instance in array_modify, array_create

  • Support array_concat

  • add ProcessGraphUnflattener and PGNodeGraphUnflattener to unflatten a flat dict representation of a process graph to a PGNode graph (EP-3609)

  • Add Connection.datacube_from_flat_graph and Connection.datacube_from_json to construct a DataCube from flat process graph representation (e.g. JSON file or JSON URL) (EP-3609)

  • Add documentation about UDP unflattening and sharing (EP-3609)

  • Add fit_curve and predict_curve, two methods used in change detection


  • Update based on 1.1.0 release op openeo-processes project

  • include all processes from “proposals” folder of openeo-processes project

  • Jupyter integration: Visual rendering for process graphs shown instead of a plain JSON representation.

  • Migrate from Travis CI to GitHub Actions for documentation building and unit tests (#178, EP-3645)


  • Removed unit test runs for Python 3.5 (#210)

[0.8.0] - 2021-06-25


  • Allow, but raise warning when specifying a CRS for the geometry passed to aggregate_spatial and mask_polygon, which is non-standard/experimental feature, only supported by specific back-ends (#204)

  • Add optional argument to Parameter and fix re-encoding parameters with default value. (EP-3846)

  • Add support to test strict equality with ComparableVersion

  • Jupyter integration: add rich HTML rendering for more backend metadata (Job, Job Estimate, Logs, Services, User-Defined Processes)

  • Add support for filter_spatial

  • Add support for aggregate_temporal_period

  • Added class Service for secondary web-services

  • Added a method service to Connection

  • Add Rfc3339.parse_date and Rfc3339.parse_date_or_datetime


  • Disallow redirects on POST/DELETE/… requests and require status code 200 on POST /result requests. This improves error information where POST /result would involve a redirect. (EP-3889)

  • Class JobLogEntry got replaced with a more complete and re-usable LogEntry dict

  • The following methods return a Service class instead of a dict: tiled_viewing_service in ImageCollection, ImageCollectionClient and DataCube, create_service in Connection


  • The method remove_service in Connection has been deprecated in favor of delete_service in the Service class

[0.7.0] - 2021-04-21



  • Eliminate development/optional dependency on openeo_udf project (#159, #190, EP-3578). Now the openEO client library itself contains the necessary classes and implementation to run UDF code locally.


  • Connection: don’t send default auth headers to non-backend domains (#201)

[0.6.1] - 2021-03-29


  • Improve OpenID Connect usability on Windows: don’t raise exception on file permissions that can not be changed (by os.chmod on Windows) (#198)

[0.6.0] - 2021-03-26


  • Add initial/experimental support for OIDC device code flow with PKCE (alternative for client secret) (#191 / EP-3700)

  • When creating a connection: use “https://” by default when no protocol is specified

  • DataCube.mask_polygon: support Parameter argument for mask

  • Add initial/experimental support for default OIDC client (#192, Open-EO/openeo-api#366)

  • Add Connection.authenticate_oidc for user-friendlier OIDC authentication: first try refresh token and fall back on device code flow

  • Add experimental support for array_modify process (Open-EO/openeo-processes#202)


  • Remove old/deprecated Connection.authenticate_OIDC()

[0.5.0] - 2021-03-17


  • Add namespace support to DataCube.process, PGNode, ProcessGraphVisitor (minor API breaking change) and related. Allows building process graphs with processes from non-“backend” namespaces (#182)

  • collection_items to request collection items through a STAC API

  • paginate as a basic method to support link-based pagination

  • Add namespace support to Connection.datacube_from_process

  • Add basic support for band name aliases in metadata.Band for band index lookup (EP-3670)


  • OpenEoApiError moved from to

  • Added HTML representation for list_jobs, list_services, list_files and for job results

  • Improve refresh token handling in OIDC logic: avoid requesting refresh token (which can fail if OIDC client is not set up for that) when not necessary (EP-3700)

  • RESTJob.start_and_wait: add status line when sending “start” request, and drop microsecond resolution from status lines


  • Updated Vue Components library (solves issue with loading from slower back-ends where no result was shown)

[0.4.10] - 2021-02-26


  • Add “reflected” operator support to ProcessBuilder

  • Add RESTJob.get_results(), JobResults and ResultAsset for more fine-grained batch job result handling. (EP-3739)

  • Add documentation on batch job result (asset) handling and downloading


  • Mark Connection.imagecollection more clearly as deprecated/legacy alias of Connection.load_collection

  • Deprecated job_results() and job_logs() on Connection object, it’s better to work through RESTJob object.

  • Update DataCube.sar_backscatter to the latest process spec: add coefficient argument and remove orthorectify, rtc. (openeo-processes#210)


  • Remove outdated batch job result download logic left-overs

  • Remove (outdated) abstract base class openeo.job.Job: did not add value, only caused maintenance overhead. (#115)

[0.4.9] - 2021-01-29


  • Make DataCube.filter_bbox() easier to use: allow passing a bbox tuple, list, dict or even shapely geometry directly as first positional argument or as bbox keyword argument. Handling of the legacy non-standard west-east-north-south positional argument order is preserved for now (#136)

  • Add “band math” methods DataCube.ln(), DataCube.logarithm(base), DataCube.log10() and DataCube.log2()

  • Improved support for creating and handling parameters when defining user-defined processes (EP-3698)

  • Initial Jupyter integration: add rich HTML rendering of backend metadata (collections, file formats, UDF runtimes, …) (#170)

  • add resolution_merge process (experimental) (EP-3687, openeo-processes#221)

  • add sar_backscatter process (experimental) (EP-3612, openeo-processes#210)


  • Fixed ‘Content-Encoding’ handling in client did not automatically decompress /result responses when necessary (#175)

[0.4.8] - 2020-11-17


  • Add DataCube.aggregate_spatial()


  • Get/create default RefreshTokenStore lazily in Connection

  • Various documentation tweaks

[0.4.7] - 2020-10-22


  • Add support for title/description/plan/budget in DataCube.send_job (#157 / #158)

  • Add DataCube.to_json() to easily get JSON representation of a DataCube

  • Allow to subclass CollectionMetadata and preserve original type when “cloning”


  • Changed execute_batch to support downloading multiple files (within EP-3359, support profiling)

  • Don’t send None-valued title/description/plan/budget fields from DataCube.send_job (#157 / #158)


  • Remove duplicate and broken Connection.list_processgraphs


  • Various documentation fixes and tweaks

  • Avoid merge_cubes warning when using non-band-math DataCube operators

[0.4.6] - 2020-10-15


  • Add DataCube.aggregate_temporal

  • Add initial support to download profiling information


  • Deprecated legacy functions/methods are better documented as such and link to a recommended alternative (EP-3617).

  • Get/create default AuthConfig in Connection lazily (allows client to run in environments without existing (default) config folder)


  • Deprecate zonal_statistics in favor of aggregate_spatial


  • Remove support for old, non-standard stretch_colors process (Use linear_scale_range instead).

[0.4.5] - 2020-10-01


  • Also handle dict arguments in dereference_from_node_arguments (EP-3509)

  • Add support for less/greater than and equal operators

  • Raise warning when user defines a UDP with same id as a pre-defined one (EP-3544, #147)

  • Add rename_labels support in metadata (EP-3585)

  • Improve “callback” handling (sub-process graphs): add predefined callbacks for all official processes and functionality to assemble these (EP-3555, #153)

  • Moved datacube write/save/plot utilities from udf to client (EP-3456)

  • Add documentation on OpenID Connect authentication (EP-3485)


  • Fix kwargs handling in TimingLogger decorator

[0.4.4] - 2020-08-20


  • Add openeo-auth command line tool to manage OpenID Connect (and basic auth) related configs (EP-3377/EP-3493)

  • Support for using config files for OpenID Connect and basic auth based authentication, instead of hardcoding credentials (EP-3377/EP-3493)


  • Fix target_band handling in DataCube.ndvi (EP-3496)