All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.




  • Improve default dimension metadata of a datacube created with

  • only automatically add save_result node when there is none yet.

  • Deprecation warnings: make sure they are shown by default and can be hidden when necessary.



[0.12.1] - 2022-09-15


  • Eliminate dependency on distutils.version.LooseVersion which started to trigger deprecation warnings (#316).


  • Remove old Connection.oidc_auth_user_id_token_as_bearer workaround flag (#300)


  • Fix refresh token handling in case of OIDC token request with refresh token grant (#326)

[0.12.0] - 2022-09-09


  • Allow passing raw JSON string, JSON file path or URL to, Connection.execute() and Connection.create_job()

  • Add support for reverse math operators on DataCube in apply mode (#323)

  • Add DataCube.print_json() to simplify exporting process graphs in Jupyter or other interactive environments (#324)

  • Raise DimensionAlreadyExistsException when trying to add_dimension() a dimension with existing name (Open-EO/openeo-geopyspark-driver#205)


  • DataCube.execute_batch() now also guesses the output format from the filename, and allows using format argument next to the current out_format to align with the method. (#240)

  • Better client-side handling of merged band name metadata in DataCube.merge_cubes()


  • Remove legacy DataCube.graph and DataCube.flatten() to prevent usage patterns that cause interoperability issues (#155, #209, #324)

[0.11.0] - 2022-07-02


  • Add support for passing a PGNode/VectorCube as geometry to aggregate_spatial, mask_polygon, …

  • Add support for second order callbacks e.g. is_valid in count in reduce_dimension (#317)


  • Rename RESTJob class name to less cryptic and more user-friendly BatchJob. Original RESTJob is still available as deprecated alias. (#280)

  • Dropped default reducer (“max”) from DataCube.reduce_temporal_simple()

  • Various documentation improvements:

    • general styling, landing page and structure tweaks (#285)

    • batch job docs (#286)

    • getting started docs (#308)

    • part of UDF docs (#309)

    • added process-to-method mapping docs

  • Drop hardcoded h5netcdf engine from XarrayIO.from_netcdf_file() and XarrayIO.to_netcdf_file() (#314)

  • Changed argument name of Connection.describe_collection() from name to collection_id to be more in line with other methods/functions.


  • Fix context/condition confusion bug with count callback in DataCube.reduce_dimension() (#317)

[0.10.1] - 2022-05-18 - “LPS22” release


  • Add context parameter to DataCube.aggregate_spatial(), DataCube.apply_dimension(), DataCube.apply_neighborhood(), DataCube.apply(), DataCube.merge_cubes(). (#291)

  • Add DataCube.fit_regr_random_forest() (#293)

  • Add PGNode.update_arguments(), which combined with DataCube.result_node() allows to do advanced process graph argument tweaking/updating without using ._pg hacks.

  • JobResults.download_files(): also download (by default) the job result metadata as STAC JSON file (#184)

  • OIDC handling in Connection: try to automatically refresh access token when expired (#298)

  • Connection.create_job raises exception if response does not contain a valid job_id

  • Add openeo.udf.debug.inspect for using the openEO inspect process in a UDF (#302)

  • Add openeo.util.to_bbox_dict() to simplify building a openEO style bbox dictionary, e.g. from a list or shapely geometry (#304)


  • Removed deprecated (and non-functional) zonal_statistics method from old ImageCollectionClient API. (#144)

[0.10.0] - 2022-04-08 - “SRR3” release


  • Add support for comparison operators (<, >, <= and >=) in callback process building

  • Added Connection.describe_process() to retrieve and show a single process

  • Added DataCube.flatten_dimensions() and DataCube.unflatten_dimension (Open-EO/openeo-processes#308, Open-EO/openeo-processes#316)

  • Added VectorCube.run_udf (to avoid non-standard process_with_node(UDF(...)) usage)

  • Added DataCube.fit_class_random_forest() and Connection.load_ml_model() to train and load Machine Learning models (#279)

  • Added DataCube.predict_random_forest() to easily use reduce_dimension with a predict_random_forest reducer using a MlModel (trained with fit_class_random_forest)

  • Added DataCube.resample_cube_temporal (#284)

  • Add target_dimension argument to DataCube.aggregate_spatial (#288)

  • Add basic configuration file system to define a default back-end URL and enable auto-authentication (#264, #187)

  • Add context argument to DataCube.chunk_polygon()

  • Add Connection.version_info() to list version information about the client, the API and the back-end


  • Include openEO API error id automatically in exception message to simplify user support and post-mortem analysis.

  • Use Connection.default_timeout (when set) also on version discovery request

  • Drop ImageCollection from DataCube’s class hierarchy. This practically removes very old (pre-0.4.0) methods like date_range_filter and bbox_filter from DataCube. (#100, #278)

  • Deprecate DataCube.send_job in favor of DataCube.create_job for better consistency (internally and with other libraries) (#276)

  • Update (autogenerated) openeo.processes module to 1.2.0 release (2021-12-13) of openeo-processes

  • Update (autogenerated) openeo.processes module to draft version of 2022-03-16 (e4df8648) of openeo-processes

  • Update openeo.extra.spectral_indices to a post-0.0.6 version of Awesome Spectral Indices


  • Removed deprecated zonal_statistics method from DataCube. (#144)

  • Deprecate old-style DataCube.polygonal_mean_timeseries(), DataCube.polygonal_histogram_timeseries(), DataCube.polygonal_median_timeseries() and DataCube.polygonal_standarddeviation_timeseries()


  • Support rename_labels on temporal dimension (#274)

  • Basic support for mixing DataCube and ProcessBuilder objects/processing (#275)

[0.9.2] - 2022-01-14


  • Add experimental support for chunk_polygon process (Open-EO/openeo-processes#287)

  • Add support for spatial_extent, temporal_extent and bands to Connection.load_result()

  • Setting the environment variable OPENEO_BASEMAP_URL allows to set a new templated URL to a XYZ basemap for the Vue Components library, OPENEO_BASEMAP_ATTRIBUTION allows to set the attribution for the basemap (#260)

  • Initial support for experimental “federation:missing” flag on partial openEO Platform user job listings (Open-EO/openeo-api#419)

  • Best effort detection of mistakenly using Python builtin sum or all functions in callbacks (Forum #113)

  • Automatically print batch job logs when job doesn’t finish successfully (using execute_batch/run_synchronous/start_and_wait).

[0.9.1] - 2021-11-16


  • Add options argument to DataCube.atmospheric_correction (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#91)

  • Add atmospheric_correction_options and cloud_detection_options arguments to DataCube.ard_surface_reflectance (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#91)

  • UDP storing: add support for “returns”, “categories”, “examples” and “links” properties (#242)

  • Add openeo.extra.spectral_indices: experimental API to easily compute spectral indices (vegetation, water, urban, …) on a DataCube, using the index definitions from Awesome Spectral Indices


  • Batch job status poll loop: ignore (temporary) “service unavailable” errors (Open-EO/openeo-python-driver#96)

  • Batch job status poll loop: fail when there are too many soft errors (temporary connection/availability issues)


  • Fix DataCube.ard_surface_reflectance() to use process ard_surface_reflectance instead of atmospheric_correction

[0.9.0] - 2021-10-11


  • Add command line tool openeo-auth token-clear to remove OIDC refresh token cache

  • Add support for OIDC device authorization grant without PKCE nor client secret, (#225, openeo-api#410)

  • Add DataCube.dimension_labels() (EP-4008)

  • Add Connection.load_result() (EP-4008)

  • Add proper support for child callbacks in fit_curve and predict_curve (#229)

  • ProcessBuilder: Add support for array_element(data, n) through data[n] syntax (#228)

  • ProcessBuilder: Add support for eq and neq through == and != operators (EP-4011)

  • Add DataCube.validate() for process graph validation (EP-4012 related)

  • Add Connection.as_curl() for generating curl command to evaluate a process graph or DataCube from the command line

  • Add support in to guess output format from extension of a given filename


  • Improve default handling of crs (and base/height) in filter_bbox: avoid explicitly sending null unnecessarily (#233).

  • Update documentation/examples/tests: EPSG CRS in filter_bbox should be integer code, not string (#233).

  • Raise ProcessGraphVisitException from ProcessGraphVisitor.resolve_from_node() (instead of generic ValueError)

  • DataCube.linear_scale_range is now a shortcut for DataCube.apply(lambda  x:x.x.linear_scale_range( input_min, input_max, output_min, output_max)).
    Instead of creating an invalid process graph that tries to invoke linear_scale_range on a datacube directly.

  • Nicer error message when back-end does not support basic auth (#247)


  • Remove unused and outdated (0.4-style) File/RESTFile classes (#115)

  • Deprecate usage of DataCube.graph property (#209)

[0.8.2] - 2021-08-24

Minor release to address version packaging issue.

[0.8.1] - 2021-08-24


  • Support nested callbacks inside array arguments, for instance in array_modify, array_create

  • Support array_concat

  • add ProcessGraphUnflattener and PGNodeGraphUnflattener to unflatten a flat dict representation of a process graph to a PGNode graph (EP-3609)

  • Add Connection.datacube_from_flat_graph and Connection.datacube_from_json to construct a DataCube from flat process graph representation (e.g. JSON file or JSON URL) (EP-3609)

  • Add documentation about UDP unflattening and sharing (EP-3609)

  • Add fit_curve and predict_curve, two methods used in change detection


  • Update based on 1.1.0 release op openeo-processes project

  • include all processes from “proposals” folder of openeo-processes project

  • Jupyter integration: Visual rendering for process graphs shown instead of a plain JSON representation.

  • Migrate from Travis CI to GitHub Actions for documentation building and unit tests (#178, EP-3645)


  • Removed unit test runs for Python 3.5 (#210)

[0.8.0] - 2021-06-25


  • Allow, but raise warning when specifying a CRS for the geometry passed to aggregate_spatial and mask_polygon, which is non-standard/experimental feature, only supported by specific back-ends (#204)

  • Add optional argument to Parameter and fix re-encoding parameters with default value. (EP-3846)

  • Add support to test strict equality with ComparableVersion

  • Jupyter integration: add rich HTML rendering for more backend metadata (Job, Job Estimate, Logs, Services, User-Defined Processes)

  • Add support for filter_spatial

  • Add support for aggregate_temporal_period

  • Added class Service for secondary web-services

  • Added a method service to Connection

  • Add Rfc3339.parse_date and Rfc3339.parse_date_or_datetime


  • Disallow redirects on POST/DELETE/… requests and require status code 200 on POST /result requests. This improves error information where POST /result would involve a redirect. (EP-3889)

  • Class JobLogEntry got replaced with a more complete and re-usable LogEntry dict

  • The following methods return a Service class instead of a dict: tiled_viewing_service in ImageCollection, ImageCollectionClient and DataCube, create_service in Connection


  • The method remove_service in Connection has been deprecated in favor of delete_service in the Service class

[0.7.0] - 2021-04-21



  • Eliminate development/optional dependency on openeo_udf project (#159, #190, EP-3578). Now the openEO client library itself contains the necessary classes and implementation to run UDF code locally.


  • Connection: don’t send default auth headers to non-backend domains (#201)

[0.6.1] - 2021-03-29


  • Improve OpenID Connect usability on Windows: don’t raise exception on file permissions that can not be changed (by os.chmod on Windows) (#198)

[0.6.0] - 2021-03-26


  • Add initial/experimental support for OIDC device code flow with PKCE (alternative for client secret) (#191 / EP-3700)

  • When creating a connection: use “https://” by default when no protocol is specified

  • DataCube.mask_polygon: support Parameter argument for mask

  • Add initial/experimental support for default OIDC client (#192, Open-EO/openeo-api#366)

  • Add Connection.authenticate_oidc for user-friendlier OIDC authentication: first try refresh token and fall back on device code flow

  • Add experimental support for array_modify process (Open-EO/openeo-processes#202)


  • Remove old/deprecated Connection.authenticate_OIDC()

[0.5.0] - 2021-03-17


  • Add namespace support to DataCube.process, PGNode, ProcessGraphVisitor (minor API breaking change) and related. Allows building process graphs with processes from non-“backend” namespaces (#182)

  • collection_items to request collection items through a STAC API

  • paginate as a basic method to support link-based pagination

  • Add namespace support to Connection.datacube_from_process

  • Add basic support for band name aliases in metadata.Band for band index lookup (EP-3670)


  • OpenEoApiError moved from to

  • Added HTML representation for list_jobs, list_services, list_files and for job results

  • Improve refresh token handling in OIDC logic: avoid requesting refresh token (which can fail if OIDC client is not set up for that) when not necessary (EP-3700)

  • RESTJob.start_and_wait: add status line when sending “start” request, and drop microsecond resolution from status lines


  • Updated Vue Components library (solves issue with loading from slower back-ends where no result was shown)

[0.4.10] - 2021-02-26


  • Add “reflected” operator support to ProcessBuilder

  • Add RESTJob.get_results(), JobResults and ResultAsset for more fine-grained batch job result handling. (EP-3739)

  • Add documentation on batch job result (asset) handling and downloading


  • Mark Connection.imagecollection more clearly as deprecated/legacy alias of Connection.load_collection

  • Deprecated job_results() and job_logs() on Connection object, it’s better to work through RESTJob object.

  • Update DataCube.sar_backscatter to the latest process spec: add coefficient argument and remove orthorectify, rtc. (openeo-processes#210)


  • Remove outdated batch job result download logic left-overs

  • Remove (outdated) abstract base class openeo.job.Job: did not add value, only caused maintenance overhead. (#115)

[0.4.9] - 2021-01-29


  • Make DataCube.filter_bbox() easier to use: allow passing a bbox tuple, list, dict or even shapely geometry directly as first positional argument or as bbox keyword argument. Handling of the legacy non-standard west-east-north-south positional argument order is preserved for now (#136)

  • Add “band math” methods DataCube.ln(), DataCube.logarithm(base), DataCube.log10() and DataCube.log2()

  • Improved support for creating and handling parameters when defining user-defined processes (EP-3698)

  • Initial Jupyter integration: add rich HTML rendering of backend metadata (collections, file formats, UDF runtimes, …) (#170)

  • add resolution_merge process (experimental) (EP-3687, openeo-processes#221)

  • add sar_backscatter process (experimental) (EP-3612, openeo-processes#210)


  • Fixed ‘Content-Encoding’ handling in client did not automatically decompress /result responses when necessary (#175)

[0.4.8] - 2020-11-17


  • Add DataCube.aggregate_spatial()


  • Get/create default RefreshTokenStore lazily in Connection

  • Various documentation tweaks

[0.4.7] - 2020-10-22


  • Add support for title/description/plan/budget in DataCube.send_job (#157 / #158)

  • Add DataCube.to_json() to easily get JSON representation of a DataCube

  • Allow to subclass CollectionMetadata and preserve original type when “cloning”


  • Changed execute_batch to support downloading multiple files (within EP-3359, support profiling)

  • Don’t send None-valued title/description/plan/budget fields from DataCube.send_job (#157 / #158)


  • Remove duplicate and broken Connection.list_processgraphs


  • Various documentation fixes and tweaks

  • Avoid merge_cubes warning when using non-band-math DataCube operators

[0.4.6] - 2020-10-15


  • Add DataCube.aggregate_temporal

  • Add initial support to download profiling information


  • Deprecated legacy functions/methods are better documented as such and link to a recommended alternative (EP-3617).

  • Get/create default AuthConfig in Connection lazily (allows client to run in environments without existing (default) config folder)


  • Deprecate zonal_statistics in favor of aggregate_spatial


  • Remove support for old, non-standard stretch_colors process (Use linear_scale_range instead).

[0.4.5] - 2020-10-01


  • Also handle dict arguments in dereference_from_node_arguments (EP-3509)

  • Add support for less/greater than and equal operators

  • Raise warning when user defines a UDP with same id as a pre-defined one (EP-3544, #147)

  • Add rename_labels support in metadata (EP-3585)

  • Improve “callback” handling (sub-process graphs): add predefined callbacks for all official processes and functionality to assemble these (EP-3555, #153)

  • Moved datacube write/save/plot utilities from udf to client (EP-3456)

  • Add documentation on OpenID Connect authentication (EP-3485)


  • Fix kwargs handling in TimingLogger decorator

[0.4.4] - 2020-08-20


  • Add openeo-auth command line tool to manage OpenID Connect (and basic auth) related configs (EP-3377/EP-3493)

  • Support for using config files for OpenID Connect and basic auth based authentication, instead of hardcoding credentials (EP-3377/EP-3493)


  • Fix target_band handling in DataCube.ndvi (EP-3496)