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User Management and Accounting

In general, the openEO API only defines a minimum subset of user management and accounting functionality. It allows to

  • authenticate and authorize a user, which may include user registration with OpenID Connect,
  • handle storage space limits (disk quota),
  • manage billing, which includes to
    • query the credit a user has available,
    • estimate costs for certain operations (data processing and downloading),
    • get information about produced costs,
    • limit costs of certain operations.

Therefore, the API leaves some aspects open that have to be handled by the back-ends separately, including

  • credential recovery, e.g. retrieving a forgotten password
  • user data management, e.g. changing the users payment details or email address
  • payments, i.e. topping up credits for pre-paid services or paying for post-paid services
  • other accounting related tasks, e.g. creating invoices,
  • user registration (only specified when OpenID Connect is implemented).