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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[0.4.0] - 2019-03-07


  • GET /jobs/{job_id}/estimate can return the estimated required storage capacity. #122
  • GET /jobs/{job_id} has two new properties:
    • progress indicates the batch job progress when running. #82
    • error states the error message when a job errored out. GET /jobs/{job_id}/result mirrors this error message in a response with HTTP status code 424. #165
  • GET /.well-known/openeo allows clients to choose between versions. #148
  • GET / (Capabilities):
    • Requires to return a title (title), a description (description) and the back-end version (backend_version). #154
    • Billing plans have an additional required property paid. #157
    • Should provide a link to the Well-Known URI (/.well-known/openeo) in the new links property.
  • GET /processes (Process discovery):
    • Processes can be categorizes with the category property.
    • Parameters can be ordered with the parameter_order property instead of having a random order.
    • Support for references to other processes in descriptions.
    • Processes and parameters can be declared to be experimental.
  • GET /output_formats and GET /service_types can now provide links per entry.
  • GET /udf_runtimes provide a list of UDF runtime environments. #87
  • GET /service_types allows to specify variables that can be used in process graphs. #172


  • Completely new version of the processes.
  • Changed process graph to a flexible graph-like structure, which also allows callbacks. #160
  • Updated GET /collections and GET /collections/{collection_id} to follow STAC v0.6.2. #158, #173
  • The process_graph_id of stored process graphs, the service_id of services and the job_id of jobs has changed to id in responses. #130
  • The status property for jobs is now required.
  • POST /preview renamed to POST /result. #162
  • GET / (Capabilities):
    • version in the response was renamed to api_version.
    • Endpoint paths must follow the openAPI specification. #128
    • Billing plan descriptions allow CommonMark. #164
  • /files/{user_id}/{path} File management:
    • Clarified handling of folders. #146
    • GET method: The name property was renamed to path. #133
    • PUT method: Returns file meta data with a different response code. #163
  • GET /processes (Process discovery):
    • The name property of processes has changed to id. #130
    • mime_type replaced with media_type in the input parameters and return values.
    • The schema for exceptions follows the general schema for openEO errors. #139
    • Changed the structure of examples.
  • POST /validation (Process graph validation):
    • Returns HTTP status code 200 for valid and invalid process graphs and responds with a list of errors. #144
    • Allowed to call the endpoint without authentication. #151
  • Behavior for DELETE /jobs/{job_id}/results and POST /jobs/{job_id}/results specified depending on the job status. Clarified status changes in general. #142
  • Improved client development guidelines. #124, #138


  • Numeric openEO error codes. Replaced in responses with textual error codes. #139
  • Query parameters to replace process graph variables in GET /process_graphs/{process_graph_id}. #147
  • min_parameters and dependencies for parameters in process descriptions returned by GET /processes.
  • Replaced output format properties in favor of a save_result process, which has resulted in in the removal of:
  • The default output format in GET /output_formats. #153
  • The output format properties in POST /result (fka POST /preview), POST /jobs, PATCH /jobs and GET /jobs/{job_id} requests. #153
  • gis_data_type (not to be confused with gis_data_types) in the parameters of output formats in GET /output_formats


  • Added missing Access-Control-Expose-Headers header to required CORS headers.
  • Some endpoints didn't include authentication information.
  • GET /jobs/{job_id}/estimate: Property downloads_included had a wrong default value.

[0.3.1] - 2018-11-06


  • createProcessGraph method to client development guidelines.
  • JSON file with all specified errors.
  • Textual error codes for each specified error.
  • Allow setting a plan for POST /preview
  • Default billing plan in GET /. #141
  • Job ID in JSON response for GET /jobs/{job_id}/results.


  • Several optional fields such as output, title and description are now nullable instead of requiring to omit them.
  • The output format is not required in POST /preview any more and thus allows falling back to the default.
  • The output_format parameter in createJob and execute in client development guidelines.
  • The extent parameters in filter_bbox and filter_daterange are formally required now.


  • Numeric openEO error codes are soon to be replaced with textual error codes.
  • eo:resolution in collection bands is a duplicate of eo:gsd. Use eo:gsd instead.


  • Fixed a wrong definition of the header OpenEO-Costs in POST /preview.
  • Fixed typo in method authenticateOIDC in client development guidelines.
  • Fixed the definition of spatial extents by swapping north and south.
  • Replaced the outdated occurrences of srs with crs in spatial extents.
  • Added missing required descriptions to process definitions.
  • Added missing error messages.
  • Fixed unclear specification for arrays used as process graph arguments.
  • Fixed inconsist schema of openEO error responses: Field is now consistently named message instead of description.

[0.3.0] - 2018-09-21

First version after proof of concept tackling many major issues. No changelog available.

[0.0.2] - 2018-03-22

Version for proof of concept. No changelog available.

[0.0.1] - 2018-02-07

Initial version.