@openeo/js-commons 1.3.0


A set of common JavaScript functionalities for openEO.

The master branch is the 'stable' version of library, which is currently version 1.3.0. The draft branch is where active development takes place.

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  • Converting responses from API version 0.4 to the latest API version is supported for:
    • Capabilities
    • Collections
    • Processes
    • Output Formats
    • Service Types
    • UDF Runtimes
  • Back-end feature detection
  • Validate, compare and prioritize version numbers (e.g. for well-known discovery)
  • Process specification parsing utilities
  • Other Utils


  • Process graph parsing has been moved to openeo-js-processgraphs.
  • Support for migrating from API 0.3 to the latest API version has been dropped. Use the library in version 0.4 instead.


To use it in a node environment use: npm install @openeo/js-commons

You can then require the parts of the library you want to use. For example: const { MigrateProcesses } = require('@openeo/js-commons');

In a web environment you can include the library as follows:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@openeo/js-commons@1/dist/main.min.js"></script>

More information can be found in the JS commons documentation.